Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Nov. 5, Whitefish Lake mostly frozen

There are still some unfrozen places, like between the islands
Whitefish Lake, just west of Nolalu, was mostly frozen today.  We could see a few open patches.
The temperature hit -10 C at our house today and for the first time never got above freezing.
It has been a cold, wet fall. I would think this is the earliest Whitefish has frozen in recent years.
How thick is the ice in the photo? Probably two inches at the most with lots of thinner spots, even unfrozen places. Certainly not safe for travel, you would think. Despite that there was a set of ATV tracks on the ice running parallel to the shore but perhaps up to 100 feet out. Ooooh!


Kim Gross said...

Cold, wet falls seem to be a theme lately. This is the second straight one here in Iowa.

Dan Baughman said...

Same for us in Northwestern Ontario.

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