Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Just missed filming wolves killing deer

These deer look worried. The kill took place about 10 feet to the right, a day and a half later
This would appear to have been the kill time.

This guy is looking for scraps. There was just a hide, backbone and hooves when we came along this afternoon
When I went to pick up the SD card from one of my trail cameras today there was blood, deer hair and hooves strewn all about just 10 feet away. For sure I thought I had gotten photos of wolves killing a deer. But the camera, which was focused on a deer scrape, just recorded before and after scenes. The blurry night photo of the wolf at 6 a.m. today was no doubt when the kill took place.
Cork and I came upon the scene at 3 p.m. as we traversed this trail to gather a firewood tree.
We have known the wolves were killing deer right behind the house for the past week because of all the ravens and bald eagles flying about. I wouldn't be surprised if the wolves are getting a deer every night.

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